School of Joinerylearn the mystery of carpenters' art

The origins of the School of Joinery date back to the idea of passing on the art of joinery so that it would not be forgotten, but continues to develop. This is not classic joinery, but the art of building log cabins and work with solid wood. The construction of cabins in the Permsk Region is a tradition and until now has been passed down either from father to son or from master to apprentice. There are not many people in the world who have mastered this art and have this gift. That is why we want everyone to have the opportunity to draw on the know-how which has been learnt and perfected over many generations for as long as anyone can remember. The School of Joinery will, at the very least, make you able to build your own log cabin.

We offer you a month-long course in the art of building log cabins, finishing with an exam, successful passing of which will award you with an internationally valid certificate. Once you have achieved this, you will know how to build a log cabin with your own hands. The school has been in operation for 5 years now and many students have studied here, learning all about log cabins and their construction. People from all over the world visit it and the interest in this type of schooling is constantly growing.

Log cabins represent an environmentally friendly type of housing, which does not significantly burden nature at any stage of construction and is pleasant and healthy for its inhabitants. Life in a log cabin represents harmony of man with nature and is able to provide living benefits that the silicate-based buildings often cannot.