School of Joinerylearn the mystery of carpenters' art

At the School of Joinery, we will teach you everything about log cabin construction and, most importantly, how to build a log cabin with your own hands. You will learn how log cabins used to be built and how the technological progress and new technologies have influenced their construction. You will learn the process of log cabin construction from choosing the right tree to the final completion. You will have the opportunity to choose the right tree and learn how to process it.

You will learn how to use all traditional types of carpenters’ tools and how to use them. You will examine log cabin construction at all its stages and meet people who have devoted their lives to the art of joinery and learnt their skills from their ancestors. We want the know-how of log cabin construction, which has been perfected over generations, to survive and we want the construction of log cabins, i.e. environmental construction, to spread far and wide.

What skills you will learn in the School of Joinery

  • You will learn how to build a log cabin with your own hands
  • You will master the skills of the art of joinery and you will be able to get work in this field thanks to the internationally valid certificate
  • You can start a business in the area of log cabin construction and we will be happy to help you with your beginning stages 
  • If you are good, you could get a job on our construction team (depending on the current job vacancies)

On completing the course, you will know everything about log cabin construction and you will be able to build a log cabin yourself. You will get to know log cabin technologies such as Norwegian, Canadian and Cross technologies, and you will learn their main characteristics.

If you are interested in doing business in the field of log cabin construction, we can help you in the beginning stages and advise you on how to overcome the primary stumbling blocks.

This course offers you much more than just learning the secrets of the traditional art of joinery of the Sokolskoye Region. You will get to know a region of the Russian Taiga and see the way of life here. People from all over the world attend our very friendly courses.

Photos from the course

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